Josh Black

Josh Black Country Artist: Formerly with 30 Aut Sixx

Photograph by Neofilm Productions



Cherryville, North Carolina isn’t known for much.  A town of approximately 3,000 people, it might be best known for Carolina Freight Corporation, a former trucking company which employed a majority of the town from 1932 until it collapsed in 1994.  Arkansas Best Corporation didn’t exactly consider Cherryville its best location to continue its trucking business.


For the sixty years Carolina Freight was in business, every person who graduated high school already had their post-graduation plans and future mapped out: they were going to work at Carolina Freight following that senior trip to Myrtle Beach.  Josh Black graduated and took his senior trip to Myrtle Beach in the spring of 2008. It was the only place he had traveled beyond Cherryville, but he dreamt of much more.

Born January 20, 1991 to a teenage mother and father, Black left the hospital in the arms of his maternal grandparents, who raised him from infancy to adulthood. Black would learn of his father’s identity at the age of ten and would occasionally have visits with his mother, which led him toward a deeper self-reliance and inner strength. He draws upon the experience for inspiration in both song writing and song selection.


George Jones, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and other noted country music legends’ records played every night as Black’s grandfather strummed along with one of his three guitars. As Josh began to identify with the stories and songs of the country music artists, he quickly became interested in strumming along. “These are still some of my favorite songs to perform.”

A friend of his grandfathers would come once a week with a new chord to learn, and within 2 months left him to learn the rest on his own. Bobby Baxter, his guitar teacher, says “I couldn’t teach him anymore. He learned everything so quickly.”
Fine-tuning his guitar skills became Josh Black’s passion through high school, using every hour available to evolve and perfect his proficiency, sitting in his bedroom after school strumming and singing until the wee hours of morning.


He began playing rhythm guitar for a local band at area venues, but desired more frequent opportunities to play and practice.  He joined forces with his grandfather, a former bassist for a popular, regional beach band the Shakers, a drummer, Rich Hilliard, steal guitarist Randy Sevearance, rhythm guitarist Jeff Adams, and his best friend’s sister, Lanndon Lingerfelt sharing vocals. Together they formed the band 30 Autt Sixx in which Black played lead guitar while singing lead vocals.


During this time, he made several trips to Nashville, where he competed and was selected as semi-finalist for the televised “Nashville Star”. He sang and played lead guitar at the world famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge on Broadway.

Upon moving to Nashville in the summer of 2010, Black immediately landed a full-time lead guitarist and vocalist gig at Tootsies Orchid Lounge on Broadway and Rippy’s on Broadway. He attended the Tootsie’s 50th Anniversary celebration and performs occasionally at two additional Tootsies locations: the Nashville airport and Panama City, Florida as he pursues his dream of becoming a recognized singer, guitarist and songwriter.